Monday, November 17, 2008

Ty & Rach=Slackers @ blogging...

Wow, we are going on almost 3 weeks since we posted last.. that's a record! :] Well to recap on what's been going on in our little family...

Halloween was lots of fun.. we carved pumpkins at my parent's house & I just happened to choose the HARDEST pattern to do, but it turned out way awesome... Tyler's wasn't quite as hard but still looked equally awesome! :] We spent Halloween at my parent's as well & helped my Dad hand out hot dogs off the grill & candy to those too shy to grab a bite to eat... oh & I cut Tyler's hair ha ha.. speaking of he ALREADY needs it cut again!

The day after Halloween we all headed down to St.George for my Grandma's 80th birthday celebration/reunion which was tons of fun. We ate pizza made from my cousins brick oven pizza restaurant (2 Fat Guys Pizza) & enjoyed everybody's company! My brothers helped inflate 80 balloons & at the end of the party all the grandkids let the balloons go into the sky to celebrate.

One of my best friends, Laura (Gibson) Hulsey, had her baby finally on October 29th!! Her name is Emma Rae & she's gorgeous! I got to take newborns of her a week after.. check them out on my blog-------------->

Just this past weekend, Laura & Emma moved to Monterey, California to be with her husband (& Daddy!) finally... I'm so glad they can finally be together after 3 months!! But I'll miss her lots :[

Besides working for Tuck Landscaping, I've been trying to keep busy with my photography & am trying to learn lots! I need lots of practice so please don't be shy, I would love to take pictures of anybody!! I have also been caught up in the Twilight series over the past couple months, finding time to read is the hard part.. so I usually try to spend a little time on the bikes at the gym reading.. I finished Twilight, so now I'm ready to see the movie! :]

My brother Tim built Tyler and I a "super computer" which we finally got last week! We love it so much.. & appreciate it so much now that I am running programs such as photoshop.. We are so grateful to have brothers who are NERDS! ha ha. We love you guys...

Tyler has been working so hard at Spring & I can sense he is slowly but surely getting burnt out & 'sick' of cell phones... So if anybody knows of any jobs that would suit Tyler, let us know! :]

Tyler has also been keeping busy outside of work playing basketball as much as possible with his friends, or any other sport he can get his hands on! You can find him watching football, the office, dirty jobs, or his newest favorite Survivor Man in his spare time at home. :]

Roxi got her teeth professional cleaned on Halloween day & this was quite traumatic for me because they put them under anesthesia while they do it... everything went amazingly well though & now she has pearly whites & alot better breath! ha. She also got a physical in which they found out her back knees keep popping out of the sockets! This came as a surprise to us, & we were told if we didn't want he to eventually be bull-legged & possibly in pain we would need to get her in for surgery. (Price breakdown= $650 per leg!!)

Toby has been growing so fast.. not to mention his hair! We now believe he cannot see worth a dime through his shag & I am contemplating whether a ponytail is too girly or not.. ha ha. He loves to cuddle with his best friend Roxi & always loves going to grandma's to visit his other best friend Lily :] There's never a dull moment with him around.. oh and his new favorite thing.. Barking! (yay! .....not!)

Anyways, this is definitely too long & I'm sorry! So I'll stop now... but that's what's been going on around our house lately!