Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Sorry in advance, this is quite random and more a journal entry than anything.. I just felt I needed to blog it...

I was just looking over our blog, and realized so many little things that we have overlooked over the past month or so & not posted about.
After Tyler's accident, we needed another car in a bad way. We talked about getting a total junker for the time being.. but after much thought we decided to plan for the future & get a bigger car.Okay, so this isn't a picture of OUR murano. But it looks exactly the same, I promise. :]
Tyler gave into my obsession I have with Muranos & let me get this cute "crossover" SUV. The other day he admitted to me that he was very happy about our purchase & that he's glad I convinced him. (See, I'm not all bad.. jk)
I am so thankful for such an amazing husband.. I am truly blessed & I do not deserve him. I have been sick for the past several days, and on Monday (when Tyler has a chance get a few extra hours of sleep) he woke up early to make me a delicious breakfast in bed. It was such an awesome surprise & I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for being so thoughtful. If only for that brief moment, I felt better :] He has been so understanding this week as I've been unbelievably lazy and sick as a dog.. I try to make him dinner & things but he always ends up helping. Last night after what seemed like an eternity, he came home from work & I had just finished writing an entry in my journal. When he walked in he told me he had the exact same journal he got as a kid and had only written in it but a few times.. he went and got it & we spent the next 2 hours reading to each other out of our journals! It may sound lame, but it was so much fun! He gave up playing basketball just so he wouldn't leave his "sick wife" all by herself.. Come to find out we both got our journals as gifts in the SAME year.. 1999! It was the craziest coincidence, & it's one more reason we were tied to each other from the very beginning :]
I also very thankful the support I get from him with my photography. He believed in me from the very beginning and knew that I would be able to focus better on building my business if I wasn't working full time. So he told me to quit working & to focus on my photography business. It seems like it's taking forever to build into a money maker, but it is one step closer to a job that I can do as a Mom & that's my most important job I could ever have. He works so hard to provide for us & I want him to know how thankful I am for that.

I would never change any part of my life, if it would have led me somewhere else. Because I want to be right here working toward the same eternal goals as my husband. And I wouldn't trade that for anything.
My feelings said perfectly in this song...

And I wouldn't change a thing, I'd walk right back through the rain,
Back to every broken heart on the day that it was breaking.
And I'd relive all the years,
and be thankful for the tears I've cried with every stumble, step that led to you,
and got me here.
-Rascal Flatts

I hope Tyler knows how much he truly means to me, and that even though there are some tuff times, that I live for him.. & that I love him forever.


Some of you may already know, and if you do that's fine I'm posting it anyways.. because I'm way excited :]
After the long wait, my photography website is officially up and running! It seems like I can now actually call myself a photographer. ha :]
I hope that through this website, I can continue to build my business & continue to do what I love!
Check it out & let me know what you think... oh, & tell your friends! :]

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We are officially an AUNT & UNCLE!!

Finally!! Right Megan?!

This morning we got to go see our first niece, Emerie Anne! She was born last night, January 2nd at 11:35pm. The first baby born this year at Lakeview Hospital! And because of that they were greatly blessed. Besides getting a beautiful healthy baby girl, they got hundreds of dollars in gift cards & many gifts from the hospital! It was unbelievable!

She is so beautiful & looks a lot like her Mommy & a little like her Daddy :]

Congrats Tim & Megan! We love you guys...