Saturday, October 23, 2010


Our townhouse is up for sale!
So.. tell your friends :)

It is located in Layton right on the Kaysville/Layton border.
It is approximately 1200 square feet - 3 bedrooms & 1.5 bathrooms.

Take a peek inside...
{View into the living room from the entryway}
{Custom built gas fireplace in living room}
{Living Room}
{Kitchen Area with doors that go out to the backyard}

{Laundry room}

{Half Bathroom - downstairs}
Can you see me standing on the toilet in my PJs? :)
{View of part of the stairs}
{Hallway upstairs}
{Full bathroom - upstairs}
{A glimpse of the Master bedroom - it's a lot bigger & has a walk-in closet}
{Bedroom #2}

*I don't have a photo of Bedroom #3 because it is full of photography props and backdrops because I use it as my studio currently. It has new wood flooring, is painted an off-white/beige and has a walk-in closet.

The house has been recently painted, & has cast iron railings, light fixtures & faucets.
We also got brand new carpet after these photos were taken!

Call or text Tyler if you are interested & would like to come see it!
(801) 628-6261

P.S. Can you find Roxi in 3 of these photos?

Monday, October 18, 2010

California: Santa Monica, Disneyland & Corona Del Mar {Post 2 of 2}

The last few days in California were spent visiting the Santa Monica Pier, Disneyland & California Adventures, and also visiting Corona Del Mar.
The easiest way to document is of course by pictures so scroll down & see how much fun we had!

[Santa Monica]
{A guy parked his bike to grab some lunch.. there's 4 parrots on it! They were chatting away at all the people passing & didn't try to leave or anything - those are some well trained birds!}
{Jelly fish in the Santa Monica Aquarium}

{We got our names painted by a talented guy on the pier}

{The Bronze Robot Man - so much better to see in person}

We had the privilege to see Arthur Nakane 1 Man Band at the Santa Monica Pier. Some of you may recognize him from being on America's Got Talent and Jimmy Kimmell.
He sang two songs for us - one dedicated to Devanee, Me & Tyler {video below} & one dedicated to my parents {video also below}
It was quite interesting to say the least.

{Dev had to have her picture taken with him}
{the view from where we sat and soaked it all in}

{Porter did a lot of sleeping in the car.. this was one of those times.. extra cute}

One of the nights we ate at Mama Cozza's in Anaheim. We wanted to make this a priority because it was featured on one of our favorite shows "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives". It was INCREDIBLY delicious italian food & it was quite the experience.
{I was extremely hyper at dinner & Karli got proof.. Poor Tyler was prob so embarrassed to claim me.. haha}

[Disneyland. California Adventures]
{Karli found her inner 5 yr old on the way to Disneyland, she wanted to re-enact what it would have been like going as a child}
{It's a Small World ride.. Tyler's worst nightmare}
{Devanee is stoked}
{Porter showing us how cool he is}
{Me being sarcastically excited to be riding the teacups}
{Porter's first ride!}
{From a distance: Dev, Karli, Micah & Chase about to have the ride of their life}
{Me, Mom & Ty}
{Another fun ride we got to experience with Porter}

The last day of the trip we decided to head out to Corona Del Mar & try to take some family pics for Aaron & Meghann. It had been overcast over the past several days so we were banking on that being the case.. but it was bright and sunny which wasn't ideal for photos but it was still beautiful there.

{Karli, Me & Dev}
{Tyler & I}

We had such a blast on our vacation & it was so great to be with able to spend all day everyday with each other. Once we got home we went through withdrawals because we had to go back to hardly ever seeing each other. It was rough but we just look forward to Sundays and our NEXT vacation ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010

California: Disneyland Marathon {Post 1 of 2}

At the beginning of September we got to go on a vacation to California for a week with most of my side of the family. {We missed you Tim, Megan & Emerie!} Some of us drove & we were the lucky ones because we got to see my Grandma & Grandpa in St.George and stay a night with them. I drove my younger siblings and it was quite fun! We had to stop along the way to get a picture by this sign---
{Chase, Devanee, Micah, Karli}
{Dev, Me & Karli}
{Dev & Karli happy to be headed to Cali}

We ended up getting there before the other's flights arrived, so we checked into our hotel in Anaheim and then headed to The Block (an outdoor mall like the gateway). There we shopped around and then ate at TuTu Tango. While we were there a lady made us balloon characters...

{Dev holding all of our balloons: Buzz Lightyear, Goofy, a monkey, ladybug, & flower}

The next morning was the Disneyland 5K which 3 out of the group participated in.
{Micah, Meghann & Dev at the starting line}
{Dev had to get her picture taken with this guy before the race}
{This isn't a very good picture they were just running TOO fast! :) Micah you can see plain as day but Dev is a little bit hidden behind that lady..}
{Meghann at the finish line}

They all did great!
We then spent the rest of the day hanging out at Newport Beach

{Dev got buried alive}
{I was enjoying reading all the advertisements being written in the sky above us}
{It was Porter's first time ever at the beach and seeing the ocean- he absolutely loved it!}
{Tyler & I}

The next day was the day of our race, the Disneyland 1/2 marathon!
We woke up around 4am to eat and drive over to the starting line. There were about 13,000 runners and we were lucky enough to qualify for Corral A which meant we got to start first- this was awesome because we didn't have to deal with much congestion at all during the whole race! Karli & I ran together almost the entire 13.1 miles but towards the end I lost her & soon found out she was only about 500 feet behind me when we finished. Tyler started to have knee problems at around mile 8 which was a total bummer but he, being the determined person he is, still finished! My oldest brother Aaron smoked us all finishing in 1 hr 48 min. I had a goal time of 2 hours and I hit it right down to the very second! I was super satisfied with my time & everyone was so happy when we found each other at the finish.

{Meghann took this picture of me running through Angel Stadium at about mile 10}

It was a great race, we had fun running through California Adventures & Disneyland and also running through Angel Stadium was WAY cool! You could see yourself up on the huge screen and there were so many people in the stands cheering us on. One thing that I thought was particularly cool about this race was that on our bibs they put our first names so that as we were running people would call out your name and cheer you on! It was a great idea for some extra motivation.
After the race we all decided to swim in the pool or hot tub at the hotel to help our muscles relax- we then all took a nice long nap!

This was only part of our adventures in Cali.. next post is all about Disneyland, Santa Monica & Corona Del Mar!