Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Tyler and I decided to wait until Christmas to announce our pregnancy to everyone. There were a couple reasons for this - First, I would be pretty much into the second trimester so a significantly smaller risk for miscarriage & Second, we thought it would be so neat to send out our Christmas cards announcing (previous post) & also surprising his extended families at their Christmas parties.
With Tyler being the oldest grandchild on both sides - we are making both sets of his grandparents, GREAT-grandparents. We thought it would be special to surprise them with Christmas gifts announcing that they would be Great-grandparents!

On Christmas Eve, we were at the Robert's side party. Towards the end of the party was the time where we all exchange gifts. We gave Tyler's grandparent's their small boxes and we took a video of it all in action!
Notice his Grandma cannot read the necklace because she doesn't have her glasses on! Love their reactions! Nobody else in the room besides Tyler's parents, Kalen & Braden knew we were pregnant - so it was an announcement to everyone. It was also special because we could finally tell Carson (Tyler's youngest brother) & he is over the moon excited!!

The next day, on Christmas, I realized that I had accidently sent Tyler's other grandparents their Christmas card with all the others. Not realizing that there was no mail service on the day after Christmas, I was panicked that they would get the card before we saw them at their family party on the 26th. SO Tyler & I made a special trip to their house on Christmas night to give them their gifts to make the announcement. (So bummed we don't have a video - my camera decided to mysteriously run out of battery) It was kind of funny because when his grandpa opened his he thought we had just gotten him a keychain to tell him he was a "great" (as in wonderful) grandpa, then his grandma read hers and shot straight out of her chair with excitement & then his grandpa realized what was going on. They were beyond excited!! We sat and talked to them about everything for quite a while & then told them we'd see them the next day. They promised they wouldn't tell anyone so we could make another announcement the next day at the Gapinski side party.
The next day, we stalled making the announcement for a few hours. We could tell it was eating his Grandma from the inside out. She kept whispering "if you don't tell soon I am gonna burst!" She finally got too inpatient and decided we all needed to go around and say what we were thankful for this Christmas. Of course she wanted Tyler to start so he said, "I am especially grateful for family this year because as some of you may know I will be graduating in May & so this will be our last Christmas in Utah.......................long pause........................... without a baby!" We thought it would be funny to trick everyone into thinking we were moving out of state and then surprise them with the real announcement. It was funny, but everyone was thrilled!
I honestly can say that making the announcements were my favorite part of this year's Christmas season. We have been waiting so long for this & it's finally here - it is pretty surreal. We couldn't be more grateful & we feel so very blessed!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tyler's 24th Birthday

Last week we celebrated Tyler's 24th birthday! He was already finished with all his finals for school so this year he didn't have class thank goodness! He came home from work a little early & I took him out to buy his birthday present - new dress shoes!
Meanwhile, I had a surprise dinner I had prepared. I forgot to take a picture but it is his favorite meal called Pork & Seeds that his best friend's mom used to make them all the time. He was so happy when he realized what the amazing smell in the house was. We were happy to include most of my side of family in on the dinner, there was barely enough to go around - everyone loved it!
After dinner, Tyler's fam showed up for cake & ice cream.
I had baked a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pudding bundt cake & got our favorite holiday ice cream - Peppermint Stick.

Tyler was spoiled with gifts from everyone.

{Emerie terrorizing the birthday boy}

{Me & Miss Ava}

{Dev & Emerie}

That weekend we had planned and invited family to join us for a birthday lunch at Tucanos. We showed up a little early to put our name in only to find out the wait was TWO HOURS!!!
We were appalled - and I was a little bit mad at myself for not making a reservation. But who would have thought I'd need a reservation for 3:00 in the afternoon?!
Anyway, we were all more than a little disappointed & stood there trying to decide where to go instead. We finally decided on Biaggi's because most of us had never been there.
One word of advice - DON'T go there. It was not at all worth the money!
It took FOREVER to get our food & it was barely even warm. Needless to say, Tyler & I at least were pretty disappointed in it. It put us into a slump so we decided to spend the night shopping for Christmas gifts to lift our spirits. I told Tyler we would try again to go to Tucanos before the end of the month so we will see if it works out the second time around :)

Thanks everyone who helped us celebrate Tyler's birthday!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Today is this handsome man's 24th birthday! (Not the other handsome man with the bowtie)
I can say for the next two months that he's as old as me.. until I turn into an old fart again in February.
I just wanted to give a shout out & let him know how much he means to me & that I am forever grateful for him in my life!