Wednesday, May 23, 2012

35 weeks or most likely 36

We had an appointment this morning which was oh so fun! I got an ultrasound done like usual, but I also had the privilege of getting the Strep B test done plus he checked my cervix for the first time! He made me think it was going to hurt incredibly bad, but I'd like to think I was tough & I survived it! :) He said I was dilated to about a 1 so I guess that's better than nothin..
Well during the ultrasound, Doc told us our baby was growing nicely & he measured a bunch of different parts of her body & according to those measurements she is already 6lbs 4oz! Which would put her a week ahead of our original schedule & mean that I am actually 36 weeks along today! I'd like to think this will change my due date up a week - to June 20th. So everybody cross your fingers for us because we are SO anxious to meet our beautiful little girl!

{this pic is from last week so I may be slightly bigger?}

On Saturday night, after I got home from the baby shower my amazing friends Jacque & Kiera threw for me, Tyler & I went to Babies R Us to get some of the things that we still needed. We had gotten a duplicate item so we returned that for store credit, we had some cash from our family shower & a gift card from my brother's family - so we used it all up & not a penny more on some essential items we needed before Baby Gap makes her grand entrance.
We bought a pack n play that we plan to have in our room for the first while until we feel she is old enough to sleep in her crib, we also got the carseat headrest inserts, some more hangers (because we were overly blessed with clothes as gifts!), and a much needed Boppy pillow.

We feel so blessed by all the gifts we have received that have helped us so much. All the little expenses add up when having a baby, & it can be a stressful thing. So we are so grateful that we have such amazing family & friends who have made this journey so far an easy one.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Family Baby Shower

We were thrown an awesome family baby shower!
Tyler came to this one since most of the family who were able to make it are from his side. We were overwhelmed by how many people came & by the generous gifts they gave us for our baby girl. We've also had numerous family mail us gifts from around the country & we feel so blessed - thank you everyone!

{only some of who came!}

{my poor niece Ava was sick}

{this isn't even all the clothing we received! I just ran out of hangers!}

{the loot! our baby was spoiled rotten!}

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Maternity Pictures

At the end of April we had the chance to get my maternity pictures taken by my magnificent friend Dustin Izatt! I had a hard time convincing myself to get these done because it is hard to see myself on the chubby side after promising myself 6 years ago that I would never go back there. But I knew deep down before I got pregnant that I would inevitably gain weight during pregnancy so I am trying my hardest to accept it & find the beauty in it. I believe all pregnant women are beautiful in every shape & form. There is just something that radiates from a pregnant woman that you won't find anywhere else.

For these photos I wanted to, more than anything, show the love the Tyler & I share - and the new love we are forming stronger and stronger everyday with our tiny baby girl.

Thank you Dustin, from the bottom of my heart, for these & for doing such an amazing job!
Here are just a few of our favorites.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tyler's Graduation!

Two weeks ago Tyler graduated with honors from Weber State University! He graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Business/Marketing. It seems like I have been waiting for this day for such a long time, I cannot even imagine how amazing it must have felt for him to be finally finished! Although he is contemplating going on to get his Masters degree, at least we have made it to this milestone!

I am so incredibly proud of him, he is such a dedicated hard-working man. I am so lucky that he chose me for his wife. He started out his college career at UVU before we met, took a year off when we were dating/getting engaged/getting married, then started back up at Weber State FULL time every Spring & Fall semester until he finished! All the while he has been working 40+ hours a week for AT&T and the last year & currently Managing his own store for Verizon. He even managed to get AWESOME grades & graduate with HONORS. I think that this definitely deserves some bragging rights. What an incredible man! And I am grateful every second of everyday for him - & I know our baby girl will be too.

Two special graduation gifts for Tyler this year -

First, I surprised him with plane tickets to HAWAII! We both have never been & it was somewhere we both want to go. It was always so hard to commit to spending so much on plane tickets to get there, so each time we looked into it we always changed our minds to other vacations {caribbean cruise, mexico, etc.}. I found an amazing deal on plane tickets this time around & I just couldn't pass it up! So we will be packing our bags & going to paradise for a week & a half this November!

Secondly, and most important, our baby girl will be born next month! {NEXT MONTH?! Wow, I can officially say that!} We hadn't planned it this way, in fact, we had been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years. But of course, Heavenly Father knew what was best for us. As much as we longed for a baby, looking back we know things would have been much more stressful for Tyler to be doing full time school, full time work & parenting. Isn't it amazing how oblivious you can be with out even realizing it? We trusted in Heavenly Father's plan for us & had faith that when the time was right, we would be blessed with a child. That was definitely not an easy task, especially for me. But I strived to have faith continually & I am now so anxious to finally meet my little girl!

Thank you to my parents, & Tyler's parents & Grandparents for coming to his graduation and supporting him! It meant so much to have you all there to celebrate.