Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am blessed

So I work out every day at the Sportsplex in Kaysville. I went there this morning like any other time & jumped on the treadmill to run. If you have been to this gym, you know what it looks like & that the treadmills (and other cardio machines) are on the second level & overlooks the bottom level. Well I was just doing my usual run on the treadmill overlooking the people down on the lower level (I am an avid people watcher :]) when I noticed the front desk person walking over to a man who was on a treadmill. He proceeded to help the man off & then the man picked up a bag & a walking stick. He then helped the man get onto another machine & I suddenly felt a tear fall down my cheek. I couldn't believe that this man, who couldn't see was here of all places. It was bittersweet to know that this man was not there to improve the look of his body, I'm sure he could care less about his appearance. In a world that focuses on people's looks, this man was there to improve his health, prolong his life... his life of no color, of no faces, of blindness. He loves his life even though he can't see. It was truely humbling to witness, & I know God shows us these things so that we can put our lives in perspective & realize that no matter how many trials and burdens we have, there is always someone who is suffering more than us.
I just want to publicly say that I am incredibly blessed. Tyler & I are comfortable in our lives right now, & don't have to stress over hardly anything right now. I know with time, things will change & things will happen. But no matter what I hope I can always be grateful & know how truely blessed we are.
I am so grateful for this experience I had today, it made my day extra special.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We celebrated Valentines a day early this year because Tyler had to work on Valentine's Day until 8:00 PM & usually doesn't get home until closer to 9:00 PM. I don't remember where I was coming home from, but Tyler was home already & I walked into the kitchen to find red & white roses, lotion from bath & body works, chocolates & a sweater from Hollister! (I'm so spoiled!) I did not expect to get so many cute gifts.

I also got some beautiful flowers from my Dad!

I never know what to do for Tyler for Valentines cuz it seems it's more of a "girl" holiday, but I don't like it that way! I got him a cute card earlier in the week but I was having trouble deciding what other gift I should get him. I went to the mall with my little brother one night & we were passing Fanzz when I got a fabulous idea. Tyler had a Boston Red Sox shirt that he loved & one night he wore it when he went to play basketball at a random church with some friends. Well he ended up leaving it there on accident & couldn't get back into the church to get it & so it was forever lost.. so I managed to find the EXACT same shirt at Fanzz! (I figured this would be a nice surprise) I also got him a cute sweater from Hollister.. I put it all on our bed on his pillow & when he finally got home on Valentines night, we spent a romantic evening together at home (the best!)

...Temple Square...

This is totally ridiculous, but I was looking at pictures that were on our little digital camera & noticed that we had never taken our photos off from our Temple Square night! It was SO cold that night, but it was so much fun walking with Tyler & enjoying the pretty lights & imaging all the hard work that was put into it. I just wanted to make sure & document that we ACTUALLY went this past Christmas season.. :] (Two months late.. oh well!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Long Time, No Blog....

I guess it is time that we blog about something......thanks to Meghann for pointing out that it has been over a month since our last post. So here goes nothing!

It seems like our lives have been consumed mostly by work these days. For me it is just the same old thing..... grinding it out at the cell phone store. Rachael's story is a little more exciting, as she keeps progressing in the growth of her business! It is really exciting to watch as she learns and gets better everyday! She really has a special talent! Any of you who haven't checked out her website and blog really are missing out! Check it out at http://www.rachaeltyler.com!! (Nothing like a shameless plug) Also since we are trying to expand the business anyone who needs some pictures taken should definitely let us know.... Rachael has recently booked a few weddings and has been really busy with newborn shoots and such. I couldn't be more proud of her progress!

Even though we do work a lot......We have also had some really fun times together lately, most of which have involved basketball of some kind (which is great for me!)

For Christmas Rachael's brother Tim and his wife Megan gave us tickets to the Utah vs. BYU basketball game! (perfect gift) It was so much fun! An overtime win by the Utes made it even better! It has been awesome watching Rach convert over to being my cute little Ute fan!

The Seats were awesome!! As you can see.

A few days later as I was watching Rachael coach her young womens team (probably the coolest calling in the church, she is the young women's coach) I got a text from my friend Chase. He is a ball boy for the Jazz so occasionally he gets free tickets. He just happened to have two. Who can say no to Jazz tickets. We were stoked to find out that they were lower bowl 19th row! How awesome! Nothing like a pair of tickets worth 200 bucks that all you had to pay was 5 dollars for parking!!! The game was great and the Jazz smashed the Mavericks!As you can see these seats weren't bad either! Thanks Chase!

And this picture is just to show everyone how cute my wife is! I was browsing through pics on my computer and I just had to show off how cute she is!! :) That's all!