Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert!

We had been anticipating this night for months now & finally on Tuesday night we got to go see Taylor Swift in concert! I was so excited to get to spend the night with my sisters. We had fairly good seats we could see the stage really well but unfortunately my iPhone wouldn't do a good job of taking pictures of it so I had to resort to snapping pictures of the big screen. Oh well~ Taylor is such a doll, she is loads of fun & her concert was so entertaining! She surprised everyone by showing up in a random aisle and so tons of fans got to see her up close & hug her and stuff. She had a bunch of outfit changes, and at one part in the concert she came out wearing a Utah Jazz jersey which I thought was way cool! Our favorite part was probably the down pour of water at the end of her show on stage. It was so awesome! I had never seen it done before & she went beneath it and got DRENCHED! (picture below) I don't know many other female artists who would willingly get drenched in front of millions of people on stage! I love how Taylor's songs all reflect life as a teenager, and first loves, break ups, real life stuff. She is a great role model for teen girls & I think very highly of her! Hopefully she'll keep it up :]

We had such a great night!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day!

I honestly kinda forgot Memorial Day was coming up & I woke up Monday morning with the intent to go work out at the gym with Tyler like we do every Monday morning. But then I remembered how bad I had been craving a hike the day before but it was RAINY.. so we decided to hike up Adam's Canyon! I invited my siblings to come with Tyler and I but the only one who would was Micah! We were so glad he came along cuz it made it more fun that way. We invited Tyler's siblings as well but learned Braden was already up there with some friends. It had honestly been about 5 or 6 years since I had done this hike & it was when I was 80 pounds heavier in my teenage years with my friends (not a very fun experience for me) haha. So it was my goal to make it up the whole way without one single break. Well I must say it was a lot easier than I expected! And we even ran the whole way back down! We got our feet soaking wet crossing the water to see the waterfall & it was FREEZING! It was so much fun though, next time I'm going to take Roxi & see if she can make it, cuz I know she'd have so much fun!
We are planning another hike for this weekend up Waterfall Canyon in Ogden, which is an even bigger waterfall! I'm excited! Here is a picture of us at the top of the hike & I look like a complete idiot so don't judge me.. but Braden was taking the picture with Tyler's phone and he had no clue what he was doing so we were all wondering if he had taken it or what.. anyway we will post pictures from our next hike in about a week!After our hike, we had a picnic with my Dad, Devanee & cousin Jesse at Barnes Park.. even though we cheated and just picked up Subway it was still fun! Tyler had to go to work after so he didn't get to come along to see Confessions of a Shopoholic (pretty cute show). Then my older brothers and their wives came over for a BBQ, we had ribs & chicken, and homemade ice cream for dessert! They had to head home early cuz they are party poopers (jk you guys) so they didn't get to see an awesome movie, Taken!
It was a great day yesterday & I wish everyday could be that eventful!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quite the Scare!

Saturday seemed like an ordinary day, I hosted a Mary Kay party at my house for my cute friend Cassie Peterson, I had a maternity shoot planned that evening.. and then I got a phone call from my Mom..
That morning my Dad was driving with Micah, my lil bro to their baseball practice & while turning left from a stop sign my Dad passed out and slouched over onto Micah. The car continued to go over the curb and onto someones lawn. Micah had to get my dads foot off the pedals & turned the wheel so the car could go back onto the street, he then forced the car into park. 30 seconds later my Dad woke up wondering what was going on.. being the stubborn person he is he didn't listen to Micah as he was told to not drive any further. They arrived at practice, but my Dad still didn't feel right. My Mom forced him to go with her to the instacare. When arriving there, they discovered their insurance wouldn't cover it, but the doc/nurse was kind enough to check his vitals, etc. and sent them on their way. It wasn't too long until my Dad was saying he didn't feel good/right & he then passed out again onto my Mom's shoulder. My Mom then took him to the ER. They hooked him up to all kinds of heart monitors & different machines trying to see anything out of the ordinary. My Dad then passed out a 3rd time for about 15 seconds. The doctor printed out a report from the heart monitor & then told them that my Dad's heart had actually stopped for 15 seconds...
He was admitted into the hospital for a series of more tests including a brain scan to insure no tumors, blood clots, etc. And an ecocardiogram (sp?) to see if his heart had any blockages of any kind. The tests came out normal and showed a healthy heart. This is when the doctor made the decision to put a pacemaker into his heart. This way if his heart stopped again, the pacemaker would act as a generator or backup & continue to beat his heart. He had the surgery on Sunday & is now home recovering..
We are so grateful that he is doing good and that it wasn't something different that couldn't be fixed. We don't know what we would ever do without him here with us, he is such an amazing man & such an example to us all. How thankful we are to our Heavenly Father for him and for his life. WE LOVE YOU DAD!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedding Season!!

I feel like the biggest slacker on updating this blog. The past month or so have been SO insanely busy for me due to the abundance of weddings I am and will be photographing! I'm keeping this short & for those of you who are interested in what I've been up to check out my photo blog here. I've been so blessed to have the success that I have & continue to have already since starting my business. Thanks to all of you who have referred me to others & I look forward to the years ahead!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thank Heaven For Guardian Angels!

Today I recieved a phone call from Rachael informing me that there was another car wreck in our family. It wasn't us this time, but it still served as a reminder of how thankful I am to have a heavenly father who is always looking out for us and is always there to help us in our time of need. I don't have exactly all of the details of what happened, but I got the majority of the story. Both of Rachael's brothers, their wives (Megan and Meghann), our neice Emerie, and our unborn nephew Porter were on their way to Kaysville for a cousin birthday party. It had been raining all day and as they were on the freeway a truck hydro-plained and clipped the car they were driving. From what I understand it sent them into a spin that ended up with their car crunched into the median. (sounds like a very familiar circumstance. Not fun!!) Apparently the impact of the crash was enough to, most likely, total Tim and Megan's car. Sorry guys! Even though we weren't involved in this wreck it brough back memories of both mine and Rachael's wrecks over the past year. In my wreck I am thankful for the guardian angel that I know was there with me, and I am glad that our family was being watched after this afternoon. We are so so so greatful that everyone involved in the accident was ok! It is on of life's small miracles that no one in the car was harmed, especially the little babies. We love all of you so very much and don't know what we would do without any of you!!

We want everyone to be safe out there! No more accidents :)