Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whitley: 9 Months!

 I feel like a bad mom. I realized today that I had never made a post when Whitley turned 9 months!

So here I am.. 5 days before Whitley turns 10 MONTHS making a post.

Whitley is still army crawling & if you ask me - I don't think she will every crawl on her knees! She is perfectly content getting around this way - she even gets up on her hands and knees but never transports that way.

Just yesterday she started pulling herself up to stand. She isn't super good at it yet and we haven't had any major falls.. *knock on wood

She is the best eater - and I am so grateful for that! We have yet to find something she doesn't love! Her recent favorite - graham crackers & PB&J's

She still only has the two bottom teeth, but I know she is working hard on some more!

Recently, in the mornings when she wakes up, she instantly looks for her puppies. Once she spots them she beams!

We just recently got her a toothbrush & she loves to have her teeth brushed & loves to chew on it afterward.

She's still so good in the car & loves looking out the windows as we drive.

She loves testing her limits already and goes straight for things she shouldn't be into. (dog bowls, cords, etc.)

Her hair is out of control - it seriously has a mind of it's own!