Saturday, March 17, 2012

Preparing for the babes!

Last week we got Baby Gap's crib delivered & couldn't wait to put it together! We were hoping it wouldn't be too difficult, and luckily we were right. It took us about 2.5 hrs total, but ain't it a beauty?!
We found the model at Babies R Us but they didn't carry it in white. SO we found it online & *bonus* it was cheaper! Love that.
We got the mattress delivered yesterday, so now all we need is the bedding. I'm pretty sure about the one I want, it's just the committing & actually buying it part I haven't done yet :)
We should be getting her dresser delivered next week, as well as the glider chair & ottoman.
Little by little, piece by piece, this room is turning into our Baby Girl's NURSERY!

I never did a separate post about painting the walls & that's mainly because all my photos of it were on my phone which a few weeks ago got wiped clean :( I was dumb I hadn't set up iCloud yet so I lost all of my photos, etc.
My Dad helped me with the painting, he is amazing!
I painted two coats of white prior to, and then pretty much in one day we nailed out the gray stripes. We used Frogtape (love this stuff) & measured and taped off every bit of the walls. Honestly, it was the taping part that took the longest. But it was OH SO WORTH IT. I am in love with how it turned out & luckily Tyler loves it too. And even better for him, he didn't have to do ANY of it - haha.

We also went & registered at Babies R Us. We were so surprised at how much stuff you really need for a baby. We didn't scan half the stuff we could've, just the essentials, and it was still a TON of stuff! We had a fun day completely centered around our little one, it was exciting to think about her being here to use all of the stuff we were registering for. I am getting SO impatient already & I still have a possible 14 weeks of waiting! I just keep telling myself that it will be here before I know it, which I'm sure when she's here that's what it will seem like!

...And last but not least... I was able to snag this gorgeous diaper bag from the Petunia Pickle Bottom Outlet sale that they do I think twice a year. I was so scared that I'd get it & it wouldn't be as cute as I imagined, but I LOVE it & I am so happy I went with this one. I had been looking all over for one but just couldn't commit. I knew I wanted a Boxy Backpack because I think the changing pad feature on this bag is PERFECT. So yay! I got it for $70 off the original price! :) It was worth it even though I sat on my laptop for 2.5 hrs constantly refreshing the webpage because it kept crashing due to high volumes of traffic! Tyler can vouch for me - I was getting beyond frustrated! haha - those darn pregnancy hormones!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

24 Week Appointment

We had our 24 week appointment this morning. No new photos of Baby Gap this time which is okay since we just had our targeted ultrasound 2 weeks ago. She is still very much a GIRL thank goodness, I don't want to keep going on that rollercoaster :)

Our doc said that she is growing healthy and strong! Her targeted ultrasound results were all normal which is great news! He also said that our little girl is measuring a week ahead of schedule!
In sort of bad news... I was told I had gained too much weight in the last 6 weeks. Shame on me! I guess I better be more strict from here on out. I don't want to do anything that would jeopardize not having an easier delivery, or easier pregnancy in general.
I need to be healthy and strong for this baby girl, I love her so much already!!

Here is a 24 week progress pic!

I have been starting to have a little heartburn which I know is normal. But has anyone else confused it for hunger? Maybe I am just crazy. I feel this little girl so much now, it is such an amazing feeling! I don't know if I could get through pregnancy if I didn't have those constant kicks & reassurance of my tiny baby inside of me. She is starting to take up more and more space & I can definitely tell! I am told that I am carrying pretty low so hopefully that will prevent her from ever getting into my ribs - haha.
I am starting to get so anxious for her to be here yet I still have to wait until JUNE! It seems like forever away... but I'm sure it'll be here before I know it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

St.George Birthday Weekend!

President's day weekend we were able to make a trip down to St.George! It just so happened to be my birthday weekend as well! It was an awesome birthday & I was able to spend it with family which is just the way I like it.

{Tyler & Toby hanging out at Grandma's)

{Little Miss Priya- love this little girl!}

{We went on Grandpa's morning walk with him - Porter enjoying his Great-Grandpa & his Daddy's company}

{We decided to check out the Red Cliffs Trail. Dev, Porter & I walked & Meghann, Tyler & Aaron all ran different distances. We got back to the cars before Aaron did - since he ran 9 miles - so we enjoyed hanging out chatting}

{Toby basking in the rays of the sun and licking his lips after I gave him a sunchip :) }

{Later on, my Mom took me shopping at Motherhood Maternity to find some clothes for my birthday, thanks mom! Then we headed to Texas Roadhouse for my b-day dinner where we met up with a bunch of relatives from my Mom's side & celebrated all the February bdays! (5!) When we got back to my grandparent's we ate a delicious birthday cake from Coldstone!}

On Sunday, we were able to attend the baby blessing of my cousin Lisa's baby, Carter. Afterward, I convinced my Mom that we should drive out to Virgin to see Grandma & Grandpa's old farm. So Mom, Grandpa, Tyler, Dev & I got in the car & drove up to see it. It was Tyler's first time seeing it & I wanted him to since it was a place I remember so well from my childhood. My Mom used to run a business making crafts out of the garage & so I practically lived at this farm for many years. It was special to see my Grandpa's face as he spoke so proudly of the things he worked on and did on his farm. We pulled up & the first thing he said was "I painted all that fencing, it would take me months!" He insisted on walking up to the front door to see if we could walk through it but it is a home for troubled girls now so that wasn't such a good idea. It was neat seeing these vivid memories come up for my Grandpa, especially since his recent diagnosis with Alzheimer's stage 5.
We finished the trip off nicely by stopping on our way home in American Fork for lunch with my brother Tim's family & Karli for my birthday (since they weren't in St.George). We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings which reminded me so much of being in Texas last year since that was the first and only other time I had eaten there!

The best part of the weekend was being able to spend every second with Tyler - that was my favorite bday present! We don't get to do that too often with him in full time school & full time work! It was also amazing to be in the warmer weather, soaking up the rays of sunshine & of course seeing my Grandparent's! I can't wait to get back there, hopefully sooner rather than later!