Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Honesty Tag!

Here are the rules:
a. List 8 Honest things about yourself- and make it interesting!
b. Pass it on to 7 fellow bloggers


I secretly want to become the next American Idol! I used to be able to sing quite well when I was a kid, I would perform everywhere & I loved acting as well. I was always the girl who got all the solos & I was even 20 out of 300 children to be cast in the musical "Utah!" at Tuacahn. It was my first "real" job & I was only 12. I got paid several hundred dollars that summer to perform!


I am a high end fashion diva at heart, yet comfy lounging dresser on a regular basis. I love to feel pretty & get all dressed up, but you won't find me doing it THAT often.. I usually only put make up on if I am going somewhere where I'll see people I know (besides my family..they have unfortunately seen me plenty of times without it)


I have pierced two belly buttons in my lifetime.. and NO neither were mine. Tyler tried to watch me do one of them.. but those of you who know him well know that he would have passed out!


I am terrified of driving at night where there are deer! I had a dream once that I hit a huge one and it's antlers pierced through my windshield. Ever since, it's always been a phobia of mine!


I am shy.. until I get to know you! I agree with Megan, shy people get a bad wrap because people assume they are snobby. But in all reality it's the exact opposite! I am pretty quiet when I first meet people (other than my clients, for some reason I have no problem warming up to them) Once I get to know someone well, I am pretty darn talkative! :]


My husband cooks far better than I do! He seems to really enjoy it.. me on the other hand, it doesn't excite me much. But I really think it's because I don't know how to cook that well.. like I don't know very many good recipes & I'm bad at planning meals, etc. Someday I'll be as good as my sister-in-laws & my Mom..


I loved the Hannah Montana Movie!! haha. This one is silly & kinda random, but I decided to go with my little sisters and their friends last weekend to see the Hannah Montana movie & I MADE Tyler come. He tried to talk me out of it, and he almost did. He admitted to liking her new song "Climb" & I think he is glad he went because he ran into his old football coach from high school, Coach Bishop!


This one I am sure a lot of you ladies can relate to.. well hopefully anyways!
I REALLY want to have kids.. like NOW, but I am TERRIFIED of the whole pregnancy/birth thing! I keep telling myself it would be worth whatever pain you had to go through.. but it still puts knots in my stomach! Watching my sister-in-laws have babies has helped me understand more things & realize that people survive it everyday.. my family frequently hears me quoting from the movie "Baby Mama" because it's one of my all time favorites!

Alright, it's your turn to be brutally honest -

I tag: Jacque, Meghann, Laura, Beki, Kiera, Shanna, & Morgan

"Wicked" FUN!

This isn't the best picture as you can tell, but we had to take it with my iPhone so it didn't have flash or anything to help compensate for the darkness.. ANYWAY.. this is Devanee and I at the Broadway musical WICKED! They are in Utah for about a month & we were fortunate enough to get tickets several months ago. We had been anticipating this day for a while & it turned out to be lots of fun! We were running late to get there (because of me I'll admit!) So I dropped Dev off right in front of Capitol theater to make sure she at least got in before it started! I drove around for several minutes trying to find parking & ended up parking at a place I do photo shoots at ALOT! I hardly missed a thing when I finally got seated & we enjoyed every minute of it! All of Devanee's friends were jealous because she got to go, & I was happy that I could be the one to take her!