Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh Mexico How I Miss You!!!

Since it has been been like two months since we have been home I figure it is time to give you all a recap of our Amazing Mexico Trip!! I am just going to warn all of you who read this that there are tons of pictures, and in no way will the pictures do justice to portray the awesomeness of this trip! Rach and I were given the opportunity to go down with the Flannery Family (anyone who doesn't know them is missing out, they are awesome people) to take engagement and bridal photos for our friends Shanae and Josh! This trip was more than we could have ever expected and I can't wait to get back to Akumal, Mexico some day! So enjoy the pictures.

I promise I really was more excited about the trip than this picture may suggest. But after 4 hours standing in lines to get through customs I was about ready to kill someone, and I think everyone else was right there with me.
Finally we are here!
Josh and I checking out the stingray. I was freaked out, Josh not so much.
Everyone reading on the beach

Our first adventure of the trip was visiting a ruin called Tulum! We really enjoyed visiting the ruins to feel the connection with an ancient world that was quite similar to our own.

Check out the awesome stair case and the amazing beach.

Welcome to Casa Savasana! This is the Flannery's home in Akumal and it was where we stayed for the first few days of our trip. This house was totally awesome!
The Casita where Rach and I stayed

One afternoon we sat and watched this amazing artist paint this mural on a cement couch.
Our second home away from home was a resort called The Hacienda. This place was really neat because it wasn't over the top fancy, but it was really nice and the grounds were absolutely beautiful!
Emily, Kellie , and Shanae
(Some of our friends who we went with)

Quite possibly the coolest part of our trip was the fact that we were able to get into Chichen Itza to shoot pictures for Shanae and Josh. Don't tell anyone but we had some hook ups who got us in way early so we could climb the main temple :) It was truly a once in a life time experience! (there will be another post documenting our visit to Chichen Itza. There were just too many pictures for one post!)
Watching the sun come up over the jungle was way cool!
Heights aren't exactly Rach's favorite thing but she made it up and down the 100 ft+ temple like a champ! No problem whatsoever!
Rach doing her thing
My favorite part of the trip was going to visit the amazing people who live in the village of Santa Rita! Shanae's dad Kevin heads a foundation that does humanitarian work for the people in this village, who literally have nothing. It was such an awesome experience to be able to interact with these people who are so truly happy and have so little. It helped put into perspective how blessed we are to have what we have!
Josh and Shanae and kids
Unloading the goods that we brought for the people

When we got to Mexico, Kevin heard about a blind man who lived in the village who used to be in a Mariachi band. One of the villagers said that more than anything he wanted a guitar. So Kevin went out and bought him a guitar. I think the pictures portray how truly appreciative and happy this man was for this gift.

The kids who lived here were awesome. They truly are an example to everyone about how to have a positive look on life. They are all so content and happy with what they do have.

All of the kids absolutely love Kevin
Yes this is me getting my butt kicked by a bunch of Mexican 12 year olds when I tried to play soccer with them.
Our next stop was to a ruin called Ek Balam. All of the ruins were very interesting because there were certain things about each of them that tied them into history and stories that we read about in the Book of Mormon. This ruin was amazing to see how this all tied together and the place had almost a certain spirituality about it.

Of course Rachael found a puppy she wanted to bring home.
Kellie, Emily, and Rach at our authentic Mexican Barbecue.
Some of the people we met on this trip had us over to their house where they brought in a taco vendor who made the most amazing tacos that I have ever eaten in my life. And I ate way more than I should have! It was way cool to be able to do this and mingle with locals and get to experience real Mexican life. I prefer this kind of travel instead of the Tourist, sit on the beach trip!
Daniel, Yenny, and Carmen. Daniel works with Kevin. He and his awesome family hung out with us all week. It also helped because he drove us around everywhere!
Our final home away from home, Ikil. This place was way nice, Minus the scorpions in the shower ha ha. Rach and I were put in the honeymoon suite and it was really nice.

The Cenote
(This was like an underground swimming hole, it was really pure water and it was beautiful)

That about wraps up our trip. It is a trip that I hope I am able to make again some day! To finish up I would like to throw out a special thanks to Josh and Shanae for getting married and giving us a reason to go on this trip!
And I would like to make an extra special thanks to Kevin and Tammy for making this all possible. We are truly grateful for the opportunity that you guys gave us to come along with you and get to know you and your awesome family! It will be hard to top this trip!