Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whitley: 8 months!

I have an 8 month old! She is getting more beautiful by the second, I can hardly stop kissing her cheeks! 

She is getting a lot stronger & is so close to crawling. She has started to scoot by pulling herself forward with her arms. She still gets up on all fours and rocks but hasn't figured out how to move yet. 

She loves to drink Mom's green smoothies in the morning for breakfast & has even started to veto her own usual of oatmeal & fruit. She just loves to drink out of a "big girl cup". She also loves to drink from a straw. She is getting really good at it, too!

She eats not only pureed foods now but little pieces of food: puffs, rice, bread, etc.

She has started to have a little attitude of her own & will arch her back when she doesn't want to be put down or put in her carseat/high chair.

She continues to sleep through the night & it is usually 10-12 hours straight. Thank you, Whitley!

We have a routine down that she loves, but if you try to make her nap without putting her in her crib or riding in the car - she puts up a fight!

She finally has two teeth coming in! You can barely see them, but you can definitely feel them!

She recently learned how to make her Elefun toy turn on - she loves it!

She started saying "Ma Ma" & every now and then a "Mom"