Friday, April 6, 2012

28 weeks! ..and an iPhone photo dump

It's taken me longer than usual to make this post. It's been pretty much a whole week since we went in for our 28 week appointment. I was so excited to see my baby girl again - I'm so glad I get to have an ultrasound every month. This particular appointment was my glucose test as well, so I had to drink a special drink they gave me & then get my blood drawn. I'm happy to say that I passed - yay! No gestational diabetes here *knock on wood
More good news - I only gained 3 lbs over the last 4 weeks so I guess my hour long walks everyday & stricter diet have paid off! Now I just need to keep it up through the rest of this pregnancy!
I also got to get an awesome shot in my booty (TMI?!) called a Rhogam shot. I had to get it because my blood type is O negative & there's a possibility that my baby has a positive blood type which apparently if that's the case my body will start building antibodies & would think my next baby is a foreign body & attack it. SO this shot (& another one after I deliver) will prevent that from happening- thank goodness for modern medicine right?

{Here I am at 28 weeks- and now finally in the 3rd & final trimester!}

Now for an iPhone photo dump! It's the best way to see what we've been up to...

We got this crib bedding for FREE through Overstock. Tyler got a $200 giftcard through his work so we were able to snag the bedding I wanted, plus some adorable headbands for our Baby Girl. I will post a pic of it all set up when I am totally done with her nursery.

I have been in love with everything FRUIT lately. I am obsessed with finally getting these yummy things back into my life. To get an idea of how much fruit I've been eating lately... I get them at Costco on a weekly basis & we all know Costco sells in BULK!

I just have cool dogs.. what more can I say?

Toby is seriously the most silly dog ever. He has to be in the middle of whatever we are doing. Hence the photo above where he is laying in the middle of our yardwork project. Such a big helper! :)

I finally got a Kitchenaid mixer! I've been wanting one for years & my sister in law happened upon this one & offered it to me for a price I couldn't pass up! Yay for new toys!

Another silly Toby fact - EVERY morning when Tyler gets up & lets him out of his bed (cage) he climbs up on my bed and has to lay right on my big pregnant belly. I think he is already becoming protective over this little girl! :)

Like I mentioned earlier, I have been religious at going on hour long walks every morning. My dogs know exactly when we go by the certain clothing I put on (isn't that crazy how smart they are?!) They absolutely love going for walks & Roxi has even lost some weight! We have been soaking in every ounce of sunshine we can get & loving the warmer than usual weather we've been having.
On our usual route we take, there is a creek about 3/4 of the way. Toby always gets so excited when he can hear the water running because he knows I always walk down there to let them get a drink. The picture above is Toby doing just that!
I snapped the pic below on one of our walks one day - I am loving Spring & all the tulips/flowers & blossoms!

This is the blossoming tree in my parent's front yard. Isn't it GORGEOUS?

We decided to rip out all the ivy/vines in our backyard & experiment with a tiny garden. It took a while (& a couple garbage cans full) to get it all cleaned up. But last saturday we were able to till up the dirt & then plant a few different vegetables!

It may have been too soon to plant but oh well.. We are excited to see if our experimental garden will produce anything this year!

We loved sharing Easter with most of our Gelter family. We made Rice Krispy Treat eggs that were super cute. We were able to make a special Easter dinner complete with Ham, Grandma's potatoes (funeral potatoes), rolls, asparagus, and cream corn.. Mmm makes me want some more just thinking about it! :) We did a fun Easter egg hunt for 2 of my nieces who were there & then we did an adult egg hunt too. I got to cheat and help hide eggs as well as team up with Tyler in the hunt. I guess everyone thought I needed some sort of advantage since bending over isn't my strong suit right now! ;)
Most of all, we are grateful for the reason we celebrate Easter. We are so blessed to have the knowledge of the gospel in our lives. How sweet a blessing it is to know that our Savior suffered & died for us & that he was resurrected & still lives!