Sunday, January 23, 2011

{happy birthday to me}

My family often teases me about getting presents on other sibling's birthdays. Apparently when I was younger I seemed to always receive gifts on my other sibling's birthdays. I don't remember this but it is a general consensus in the family that it truly did happen.

Well this year I will admit that this statement, whether true or false, has become a reality.

On January 19th, aka Devanee's 18th birthday, I received this beauty...
{Canon S95}

My husband's birthday gift to me. What a nice husband.

& this...

{a leather case}

from sister Karli & bf Chase. What a nice sister & bf.

Before you form a negative assumption about this selfish indulgence..
Let me tell you - I have been searching EVERYWHERE for this camera..
It was out of stock in EVERY store in Utah.
SO I was anxious to get my hands on the first one I could find.
This camera was the last one left at Pictureline & I barely snagged it in the nick of time..


As it should be.

I love you Canon S95, you make me happy about throwing my Samsung at the wall.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Devanee's 18th Birthday

So yesterday was my littlest sister Devanee's 18th birthday! It made me feel old because I swear I just turned 18. It was a busy day for most of us running around doing things in honor of Dev's bday. Karli & I made a huge sign to put on the garage of my parents home (sorry forgot to take a pic) then we went to Davis High & found her car with the help of her boyfriend Jake. We decorated it & filled it with balloons!

Later that night we had a homemade meal, Devanee's choice, of Chicken Cordon Bleu, salad & carrots. It was DELICIOUS!
Karli & my mom were the master chefs for the evening. I made the carrots.

{The birthday girl with niece Avalynn}

{Big girl Emerie with her daddy}

{Everyone hung out & enjoyed each other's company}

{My mom & Karli slaving away}

{Dev was spoiled with lots of presents!}

{When each of us girls in the family turned 18, my Dad got us a special keepsake with our names engraved. Usually some type of jewelry box & inside is a necklace with our name or initial}

{Dev & Jake}

{We picked up yummy cupcakes from Cutsie Cakes in Layton}

{Mine & Tyler's picks - Peanut butter & Red velvet - mmm...}

Only one sibling left to turn 18 & officially be an adult. Crazy how fast life seems to fly by..

I'll leave you with this video of Roxi from last night :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

LG Quantum


This is probably way lame to do this again, but it worked last time so I am willing to try again. But I promise I will try to make a habit of not just posting when I am trying to sell something!

Tyler won a brand new cell phone through another contest at work & so we are trying to sell it. It is the new LG Quantum which is one of the new Windows 7 phones from AT&T.
It is a slider, with a full QWERTY keyboard.
It has a 16 GB memory, a 5 megapixel camera & it also does video.

Asking $375 or best offer.

It really looks like an awesome phone so if you're interested or know someone who is, send us a text (801) 628-6261.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TV anyone?

Tyler, being the amazing salesman that he is, won, yet again, a BIG SCREEN TV at work.

This would be great, only it seems that we are running out of room in our home for these monsters.

So that's where you come in, or your mom, aunt, cousin, friend - whoever!

We are selling this monster for $998 OBO.

It is a 55" LCD Vizio - still in original box - NEVER opened.

Call/Text (801) 628-9772