Thursday, September 30, 2010

August Adventures

We had a pretty exciting August this year. Here are some pictures to prove it!
{Swimming - check out those sunglasses on my cute neice, can you be any cuter?}

We all celebrated my Mom's birthday - she gets August all to herself.
{we got a cake made at coldstone especially for her & it was delicious!}

{my mom is a lover of brownies, especially the corner pieces. So we got her a pan that will make every piece a corner piece!}

We had a blast playing softball together as a fam!
{Tim all geared up and ready to play}
{My cute softball lovin' sisters}
{Tyler with his usual 'why must you insist on taking a picture of me' look}
{We played until we could play no longer..}

We had the opportunity to go to St.George & Vegas on a business trip for Rachael Tyler Photography. I shot a wedding at the Vegas Temple. Tyler was able to take a day off work to come which I was super happy about & my little sis Karli & her bf Chase came along for the fun.

One of the nights, Karli and I decided it would be fun to take Tyler & Chase around town and show them where we used to live & other fun spots from our childhood.
{Karli & I in front of our childhood home in Bloomington}

We spent all day Saturday in Las Vegas and didn't get back into St.George until around 2AM. Besides shooting the wedding and reception we..
{experienced life as a bug}
{watched the fountain show in front of the Bellagio}
{Karli & Chase}

And walked along the strip for a while until we were too tired to walk any further.
{Tyler and I}

Sorry for the crappy quality of pictures, I didn't want to hold my big camera for any longer after I was done with that wedding.. you understand right? :)

Next post.. our vacation to California!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Beehive Camp...July 2010

I have the privilege of being the 2nd counselor in the Young Women's organization in my ward. With this calling I get to spend a lot of time with the Beehive class. This year was the Stake Pioneer Trek for those 14 & older, so we got to have a short Beehive camp for those girls who weren't old enough to go on Trek. It was only a one night-er but we packed in a lot of fun activities!

We roughed it out in a brand new spec home in Kaysville complete with running water, toilets, a stove, air conditioning, and nice comfy carpet to sleep on.

Our first activity was going to the This is the Place park in Salt Lake City. We definitely enjoyed ourselves here & loved learning about the heritage of some of the pioneers.
{ice cream stop}
{Linda getting checked out by the pioneer dentist}
{Walking into the school house}
{the girls learning how to write their names in the deseret alphabet}

That evening we made Hobo dinners over a fire, roasted marshmallows and had smores, did skits, and played games.
{video of the girls "Ammon" skit}

{playing Apples to Apples}

The next morning we went on a nature walk over at Jensen Nature Park and afterwards we took some random pictures of the girls having fun.

{Pioneer children sang as the walked and walked...}

These girls are just the cutest - I loved spending time with them getting to know them even better. I am so blessed to have such a fun and rewarding calling. These girls teach me more than they will ever realize & I love them to pieces!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


This is almost 2 months late now but I am behind on this blog obviously since I'm barely blogging JULY.
July 25th was our 2 year wedding anniversary! Tyler wanted to take me shopping since I like NEVER go but I told him I would rather go HORSEBACK RIDING. So we decided to go up to Park City and do just that. I hadn't been on a horse in probably 10 years so I was excited yet nervous because the last time I had been riding horses was when my Dad got bucked off and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.
Well needless to say I am still alive so I guess I didn't have much to be nervous about even though my horse got spooked TWICE and started running and jumping- {Can you say TERRIFIED?!} But luckily our guide taught us well ahead of time and I was able to calm my horse back down.
It was lots of fun & I am glad we did it. It was so nice to spend the day with Tyler and not worry about anything else. Sometimes life gets crazy and we get caught up in what's going on and aren't able to take the time to just be together with no distractions.

I love ya babe and couldn't ask for anyone better-- I am so glad we get to spend eternity together!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Deseret News 10K

{Tyler and I}

While training for our 1/2 marathon we decided to sign up for an official 10K. The Deseret News 10K was the one we picked and Aaron was a trooper because it was on his birthday July 24th! We all had a goal of getting done in 1 hour and we all made it with time to spare! Karli and I crossed at almost the same exact time of 53:55 which is an average of an 8:41 min mile. Aaron and Tyler were barely ahead crossing at 50:17 which is an average of 8 min mile.
We'll keep our day jobs but we were all satisfied with our times! We used the times from this race for our qualifier time to get into the very first corral at the Disneyland marathon which was awesome! (I'll post all about that race later)
After the race we all decided to go out for breakfast at a pancake house in sugar house and it was very yummy! We then went home and took a nice long nap :)

{Karli & I after the race}

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Porter's Pals

Some of you may already know this is my nephew Porter. He is just over one year old & he is such a sweetheart. He melts my heart and I love him SO much! Something you may or may not know about Porter is that he has Down Syndrome.
This upcoming saturday, September 18th, is the Buddy Walk for the Salt Lake/Tooele Chapter. We do this every year to support the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation and in honor of all those who have downs, and their families and friends.
Porter has his very own fundraising page and I would like to invite you to donate (any amount) in honor of my darling nephew.

In return I will give back.

Rachael Tyler Photography

New & Past Clients
If you donate $10 I will take $20 off a session fee
Donate $20 I will take $40 off a session fee
Donate $40 and I will give you a free session!
Donate $150 and I will give you a free session w/digital negatives!

Past clients
If you donate $10 I will give you $25 worth of free prints
Donate $20 I will give you $50 worth of free prints
Donate $40 I will give you $75 worth of free prints!
Donate $150 and I will give you $300 worth of free prints!

Make sure to put your name when donating through Porter's fundraising page so I can check it to see what you have donated. Email me as well to let me know you have donated!!