Sunday, April 17, 2011

Priya's Shower

Last Saturday we were able to throw a baby shower for Meghann & Priya since she was having a girl this time around. Lucky for us we held the shower just in time because Priya was born this past Friday night at 9:37pm! We are so happy to welcome another niece into the family!

Anyway, we had lots of yummy food & desserts - thank you to everyone who brought stuff! And Meghann got lots of great gifts.

I had a friend of mine make cupcakes for me in the colors of Priya's nursery. They turned out AMAZING. Thanks Ashley!

{Meghann's mom brought desserts from Granite Bakery, Mmmm....}

{Lucky for us, we got to hang out with little miss Ava the whole time}
{lil miss ava & skinny grandma - I just have to give a shoutout because I am so proud of her - she has lost about 25 lbs since March! Way to go Mom!}
{Most of the guests, there were a few who came and went that aren't pictured}
{Meghann opening some gifts!}

I am so anxious to meet Priya, I haven't been able to see her yet because I had a wedding to photograph all day yesterday so I am counting down the hours until I get to see her TODAY! I'm sure I will have pictures to share soon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

we love our dogs THIS much

Our bed is pretty tall.. our dogs are very small.
They whine and they weap, because they can't leap
as high as this bed does stand.

So we build them a ramp, so they'll feel like a champ
when they can do it all on their own.

What wouldn't we do for a our sweet little things?
After all, we love to treat them like kings!

So now everyone's happy & without getting sappy..
I adore my lil' family of four.

I've gotta be honest. I can't take any credit for this ramp. It was all Tyler.
He drew up the plan for this bad boy - it even folds up and slides underneath the bed!

I am grateful for a husband who is creative, hardworking, and handy.

Friday, April 1, 2011

our last day in San Antonio

Our final day in San Antonio was jam packed. We woke up early to make it to the San Antonio LDS Temple and it was so beautiful! I absolutely loved all the stained glass. It was super busy which was awesome to see.

Then we headed to our last "food network" restaurant - Chunky's
It was featured on Man vs. Food for it's Four Horseman burger.
Cody, Laura's hubby, decided he wanted to attempt this challenge while we were there.
{cute Laura}
{read the words in this death wish.. I would have backed out at this point}
{Cody before the torture started}
{if you eat the entire burger and keep it down for 5 min then you get your picture on the wall}
{this burger contains ghost chilis, like the hottest pepper in the world! On the hottness scale a jalepeno is like a 10 and the ghost chili is like 1 million! Cody had to wear gloves so that the burger wouldn't burn his hands}
Cody managed to eat 2/3 of the burger and then couldn't keep it down any longer. He went outside and puked his guts out, almost literally. He looked MISERABLE.
He later expressed that it was the most painful thing he has ever experienced, worse than breaking his ankle!
We are convinced they put extra chilis on his than on the one they gave the guy on the TV show, because it was loaded with them & if you've seen the show it doesn't look as loaded. But that's just what we think...

{what was left of the burger}
You can watch the video of him doing the challenge at the bottom of the post.

We hurried home so I could take newborn photos of sweet Olivia. Our flight left at 5pm so I had about an hour to do most of her pics (I had done a few the day before as well) I wish we would have had more time, but Olivia just did not want to cooperate every time we tried. Luckily she slept super well for me at my last attempt & we got some darling images.
Here is one I'll share :)