Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ogden Marathon 2011

Last saturday was the Ogden Marathon & we were able to head up to the course to support my oldest brother Aaron as he ran his first full marathon! Meghann (& Priya), Karli, Tyler & I made it to the halfway point on the course to cheer Aaron on.
{Waiting impatiently to see him!}

{Halfway done & such a huge smile on his face!}

We then headed down to the finish line!

I must admit that being there at the race & seeing all the runners - it made me reminisce about my experience running this same marathon last year. It made me wish I was running it with him. Maybe next year? ;)

{Aaron looking like he's ready to be finished :)}

{Crossing the finish line! Official time was 3 hrs 58 min & he was 36th place out of 466 in his division}

{Aaron exhausted & not feeling too well afterward}

{good thing his daddy was there to take care of him ;)}

{proud wifey}

{proud Porter - so excited to see his Daddy}

Aaron's goal was to finish in 4 hours & I am so proud of him for working & training so hard to not only accomplish his goal but BEAT it. It takes so much dedication to prepare & run a marathon & I am so amazed at how his dedication never waivered. Not only did he train & run 26.2 miles - he did it by himself - something I look up to him for. It is hard to keep motivated when there isn't someone there to encourage you, run with you, know the pains you go through during the whole process. I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of this amazing day for Aaron & he constantly reminds me that I am the reason he was inspired to do it in the first place & that makes me feel amazing :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farewell to Davis Softball

Today was my littlest sister Devanee's last game of her high school career! We've been watching Davis High softball for several years so it's pretty bittersweet to be saying goodbye. Hopefully there will be lots of grand-daughters in the family who will play so we can be involved again in the future.
Dev played all four years & lettered every year. This year they played 3 state tournament games & Dev went 4-4 hitting against Hunter High to help Davis advance to the next game. Devanee also got Academic All Region - such an awesome achievement!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We have another niece!

Our third niece was born April 15th! And I had to wait almost two whole days to go visit her for the first time! She is the cutest little thing, and we are so excited for Aaron, Meghann & Porter to have added this little girl into their family. We love her so much already!

A little peek at her newborns I did when she was 7 days old!

And a pic of my two little babies :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I must be a grown up....

.....because I was beyond excited for our new kitchen appliances to arrive!!

I had to wait a whole WEEKEND in anticipation, it was awful.

Tyler's dad gave up pretty much an entire day to help us (who's joking I can't take credit for any of it) But we definitely couldn't have done it ourselves - so thanks again Jeff!

We made sure to measure the fridge to insure it would fit before we bought it - it was going to be a close call so we were a little nervous when they delivered it. Turns out that it wouldn't fit but we weren't about to give in & go with a smaller fridge. We had to actually grind down some of the tile countertop next to the fridge! It made the BIGGEST mess & there was dust everywhere for DAYS. But in the end - with the help of Jeff yet again - we were able to make it fit!

I am in love with stainless steal - and to make it look even better - I am antique glazing all of the cabinets so stay tuned for that post ;)

Here is a pic of our old appliances to compare.