Monday, January 30, 2012

Zac Brown Band Concert

For Christmas, I bought Tyler tickets to see Zac Brown Band in concert. It's one of his favs as of late & I really enjoy them a lot too! The concert was a little over a week ago & I decided to take my 5D Mark II to try and get some good images of the concert. It was so incredibly heavy that I only had it out for the very beginning of the show - enough to get a few images of Zac at least.
We had pretty good seats, but it was still far enough back on the floor that with my vertical challenges it was hard for me to get good views :)

Nic Cowan & Sonia Leigh opened for them - we liked Nic but weren't too excited about Sonia

They were SOOOO good live & I am so so glad. I hate to see an artist that sounds nothing like they do on the radio. That's one of the reasons I am such a big Rascal Flatts fan.
He sang almost all of his popular songs & the ones I wasn't as familiar with I still enjoyed a lot!
I am so glad Tyler enjoyed it & I am pretty sure Baby did as well - dancing like crazy in my belly!

19 Weeks


What a little STINKER our child is!
As you can see on my side bar, I have re-opened my poll for guessing the gender because we are only more in limbo now than ever!
At my appointment today, we were so excited to finally get a confirmation on the gender only to be pleasantly surprised when my doctor said the complete opposite of what he thought 4 weeks ago. He wasn't able to get a good view either because the umbilical cord was in between baby's legs - as well as it's hand! Baby was even awake & moving it's legs and fingers but would not budge to let us see a thing!

I don't even know what to think at this point, I was pretty set on it being a certain gender we had even narrowed down the name. Now I have to retract and start all over - haha. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, after all, it wasn't a for sure guess in the first place.
Now I have to wait 3 weeks until my targeted ultrasound! Lets hope Baby cooperates next time - it would be the best birthday present ever! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mother Nature

I have a gorgeous sister don't I? I was just posting her session on my photography blog and it reminded me of a funny story. We decided to shoot her bridals/groomals in an orchard & as we were nearing the end of the session we were finishing up with some images by the tree stump (pictured above). After about 5 minutes, I suddenly realized that there was a tiny pair of baby shoes just sitting nonchalantly on the exact tree stump we had been using. I couldn't believe I had just barely noticed them! Well needless to say, I was indeed pregnant at the time but had NO IDEA. Maybe Mother Nature was trying to tell me something??? :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

15 Week Appointment

Tyler & I went in yesterday for my monthly appointment. I was about 2 days shy of 15 weeks. It was my first stomach ultrasound which I must say is much more convenient than the other! :)
Little Baby Gap was nice enough to give us a glimpse at revealing it's gender! My doc used the words, "Looks like your having a [blank]" He said he was "pretty sure" so I am hesitant to tell until after our next appointment. SO I have put together a poll that is located on the sidebar. I want to know what you think Baby Gap's gender is!!

Everything checked out wonderfully & on schedule which is always great news! My tummy is finally starting to push out a tiny bit but I am afraid I just look like I ate too many sweets over the holidays (who knows maybe that is really the reason..)
Between now and my next appointment I am looking forward to A. Feeling great - 2nd trimester has been so good to me so far! and B. Feeling this baby move!

Monday, January 2, 2012

December Recap

I was horrible at taking pictures in December, and especially on Christmas Day.

We started out the month by going in for our doc appointment where we got to hear the heartbeat & see our baby's little arms and legs squirming around.
My doctor got this cool picture on the ultrasound, I am a couple days shy of 11 weeks along at this point. This appointment made reality set in that I really had a baby growing inside of me, I could see it's head, limbs, body, brain, and it was moving around - it was such a neat thing for me to experience after not knowing for so long if this was even a possibility for me to carry a child.

My parents, Devanee & I were able to go watch our sis-in-law Meghann perform a Christmas show with a group of other girls. They sang a slew of beautiful Christmas songs. It was great! And Meghann even sang solos & did wonderfully!

Of course, Tyler's birthday but I already posted about that :)

We made it to Temple Square again & it was freeeeezing cold. There were lots of people there, so walking around was difficult. It was so fun to see how excited Porter & Emerie were at all the lights. Holidays are so much more fun with little kids, I think!

There were of course lots of sweets the whole month of December, and my sister Devanee & I made sure no one went empty handed. We made peppermint kiss brownie cupcakes for a bunch of her friends, and from what I hear they turned out pretty delicious!

My parents, Devanee & I were able to make a quick 24 hour trip down to St.George to see my grandparents before Christmas. I wanted to give them their present in person & of course I always LOVE seeing them. I always miss them & wish I could see them everyday!
My Grandpa made sure to play me a concert of Christmas songs.
I only took one picture on Christmas Day, and it was with my phone. Tyler and I opened our presents to each other late the night before because we knew we wouldn't have time on Christmas. We went to bed late & woke up SO early to go over to the in-laws for presents & breakfast. This pic is what Ty & I got from his parents, all we need for Dutch Oven cooking! It was very thoughtful & we are very grateful. This year we had names for each other and Kalen had us - he got us a Magic Bullet/Baby Bullet so we can make our own baby food - thanks Kalen! We had monkey bread for breakfast & it was delicious!
We hung out for a little while & then headed home to pack up the car again with presents & our church clothes, then headed to my parent's house. Tyler & I made aeblskivers for lunch & then got ready for church at my parent's ward. It was a beautiful program done by the choir which helped bring the spirit of Christmas to the day.
When we got home we started preparing the Christmas dinner of Ham, Grandma's potatoes (aka funeral potatoes), homemade rolls, & jello dessert. Mmmm.. my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I am definitely a bigger fan of this meal than of thanksgiving!
By this time, my other brothers and their families had joined us & we all relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. Eventually we decided to open presents. My parents always spoil us rotten, even if they tell us they aren't going to do as much this year, we end up being spoiled anyways. Tyler's highlight was getting snow tires for his civic & I got clothes for my growing belly & a new purse.
One of the presents that we all got this year was a book of Christmas stories. My Mom & I (and a few other helpers who assembled) worked hard for the couple weeks before Christmas - retyping old stories from the books we read from as kids. It was a tradition to read a Christmas story each night & I have good memories of doing this when I was little. I am grateful that I can now start that tradition with my family.
We spent more time as family & later in the evening is when Tyler & I drove to his Grandparents to announce our pregnancy that I previously posted about.
The next day we had a fun time at the Gapinski side Christmas party, and it was also my parent's 30th wedding anniversary!
We celebrated the next day by everyone going to Tucano's thanks to my uncle Randy. It was fun & delicious!

We had such a lovely holiday & we have SO much to be grateful for. I could sit here and list them for hours. But to name a few - a home, jobs, family, the gospel, the birth of our Savior, our strong marriage, our growing family. We are looking forward to see what 2012 will bring for our family!