Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our 5 year wedding anniversary!

We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this year. It just so happened to be on the same week as my Grandfather's funeral in St.George. So we decided to head down a day early & spent the evening together while my parents watched Whitley. It was nice to have a couple hours just the two of us. We had lots of recommendations for restaurants to eat at - but after looking over the menus of all of them we decided to go to George's Restaurant. It was a good choice on our part because it was delicious! It also had a really neat atmosphere & history in St.George. 
 Tyler and I don't usually get each other gifts for our anniversary but I thought since it was our 5 year - it deserved something different. So after dinner we gave each other gifts - I am years down the road we won't remember the materialistic gifts we gave each other. But there is one gift that I surprised Tyler with that he will never forget...

SURPRISE!!! Trust me we were, too. Total surprise baby but we couldn't be more excited! Even though it came a lot sooner than we had planned - we know that this baby was meant to come at this time regardless of what we had planned. After all, it's not about "our" plan it's about God's plan.
We have surely realized this since we tried so long for Whitley & then this baby we were totally surprised by! Despite me being a little nervous about being a mother of two - I know we will be just fine & that our family will be even sweeter with our new addition!