Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Adventure

2013 has started off with a bang as Tyler & I made a big decision that we have faith will be best for our family in the long run. Tyler started a new job working for Arnold Machinery!

It is quite the unique situation because this company actually sought out Tyler, interviewed him, told him they would let him know in a couple weeks but that evening Tyler got a call from them telling him that Tyler was "their guy". We never had any doubts along the way, which made it super easy to commit & make the change. Tyler gets a brand new company car to drive & gets his gas paid for, the health benefits are great & we don't have to pay anything out of our paycheck to have it.

Tyler has been working there for about one month now, and he is really enjoying it so far. He gets to learn about all kinds of construction equipment & he is getting the hang of it really well already!

We are excited about this tremendous blessing we have been given & we know that our Heavenly Father is always watching out for us!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whitley: 7 Months!

Whitley has learned to
-Drink from a straw
-Say "Da Da" & we have only heard "Ma Ma" when she has been hysterically crying
-Say "Mmmm" after almost every bite of food
-Pick up small pieces of food off her tray, but doesn't know what to do after that... :)
-Toss things. Her favorites are tossing her sippy off her high chair & while Mom is getting ready she sits in her bumbo on the bathroom counter & tosses her toys onto the floor then looks down at them like "WOW!"
Get up on her hands & knees & rocks - no crawling yet though.
She loves to drink ice cold water - especially from Mommy or Daddy's cup.
She loves to "eat" big people food.
She can sit in a highchair & in the shopping cart at the store.