Thursday, October 27, 2011


October flew by so fast. Most of the month I was consumed in getting ready for Karli's wedding. She had her reception at a beautiful place, but it did require us to decorate ourselves. So we spent the weeks prior to her wedding day making center pieces, making poms, decorating & painting mason jars, making thank you tags, painting frames and other things. Gosh writing it down makes it seem like it wasn't that much but it was A LOT.
{a lot of our nights looked like this}

{we made around 300 of these tags to go on these IBC root beers}

It was all worth it though. The wedding day couldn't have been better. It was gorgeous!
I will do a post all about it once we get the pictures back but for now I'll let you see one of her bridals we shot in September :)

One Sunday this month, I decided to experiment and make some donuts I found on Pinterest. Tyler helped me of course and they were SO delicious!

Pumpkin Donuts with Maple Glaze

Thursday, October 6, 2011


We had a fun month in September! There's lots of pics as evidence :)

We had a backyard campout over Labor Day weekend with the whole fam & that's where most the pics are from.. So many good ones!

{Tyler with Miss Priya}

{Meghann & Priya taking a little nap}


{Porter LOVES horses & he wanted to give this one a kiss}

{Emerie helping Grandpa sweep}

{Slam dunk!}

We sold one of our cars {pictured below} & as of right now we haven't found a replacement. So yes, we are sharing the murano - it's not the easiest thing to do! Luckily a few days Tyler has been able to borrow his Dad's car - Thanks Jeff!
We will hopefully find the perfect vehicle sometime this month but things have been crazy busy so we will see!

My sister Karli has had two bridal showers & lucky for me, one of them was at my good friend Jacque's. I hadn't spent time with her in quite some time so I made sure to get a pic or two. We had a little too much fun as you can see..

Only 8 days until Karli is a married woman!

We went to the Blue Iguana to use a Groupon before it expired & Tyler ordered the Grande Burrito. Little did he know it was MUY GRANDE!
We weren't insanely impressed with the Blue Iguana & it definitely wasn't worth the effort to get there (downtown SLC, parking, etc etc)

My sisters and I were able to attend the RASCAL FLATTS concert! Dev & I arrived early to get good lawn seats but lucky for us we got our tickets upgraded to actual seats for FREE!
While we were waiting around for the concert to start, it started to rain.. & by rain I mean DOWNPOUR! and scary lightening & thunder I swear was less than a mile away. They don't allow umbrellas so we got DRENCHED (see pic above). We found shelter standing on top of a picnic table under the table umbrella standing oh-to-close to a few strangers! haha. It was a memorable experience that's for sure.
It cleared up just in time for the concert to start (and Karli to show up). Justin Moore & Sara Evans opened for them & they were awesome! I prefer Sara over Justin personally - she sang amazingly! Of course, Rascal Flatts did not disappoint either - they are addicting! This was my 4th time seeing them in concert & I just keep coming back for more! I highly recommend going to anyone who hasn't - it is great for all ages too! It was a little different this time around because I have been so spoiled previously with front row tickets BUT who needs to see up Gary's shirt anyways?! Haha. It was still just as good from a little farther back ;)

Special thanks to Karli & Chase who got me the tickets as a thank-you for shooting their engagement pics!

Speaking of.. we just got Karli & Chase's Engagement video done by my bud, Kale Fitch! It is SO SO cute, you've gotta check it out below!

chase + karli from Kale Fitch on Vimeo.

I cannot forget to mention that September was also a bittersweet month. My Great-Grandmother, Hazel Doty, passed away at the ripe age of 95. We attended her funeral to celebrate her life & to reminisce the memories we will all forever hold dear. She was an amazing woman & we are so happy for her & the reward she is reaping in heaven for a life filled with righteousness, service & love. She is finally with her husband, Sam, whom she had been without for 25 years. We will miss driving down to Provo frequently to visit her, but we know we will be able to visit with her again someday.