Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Still Preggers!

Well here I am again, posting on this blog very much still pregnant!

{Last week I snapped this pic at the doctor's office hoping it would be my last time holding this pager for a while...I was wrong}
Tyler & I went to an appointment this morning & found out that while I am still only 1 cm, I am 70-80% effaced & our baby girl has dropped, which is very optimistic!
But it wasn't all roses and cherries this morning - we also found out that my Doc is going home to Hawaii for 2 weeks with his family & he leaves in two days & won't be back until July 9th! Which means.... unless I have this girl tomorrow, he won't be delivering my baby! {insert pouty face here} I am bummed to say the very least - I absolutely love my doctor & want him to be the one who delivers our first baby. He made sure to give me a hug before he left the room & told me to call him regardless when I am having her.
He was kind enough to strip my membranes this morning, which sometimes works to put women into labor, but sometimes doesn't. We will see! I have an appointment scheduled for the morning of my due date next week with the on-call doctor. If I make it to then, we will schedule an induction date which I am hoping will be at the end of next week!
I'd love more than anything to go into labor naturally (cross your fingers for me) but if I have to be induced to not go into July, I am willing to!
{I've been having fun trying anything & everything to get this labor started. So far I've eaten practically a whole pineapple, eaten spicy yellow curry & spicy chicken wings, gone curb walking, among other things I won't name here - but the most relaxing of them all was when my sister did acupressure & massage on my feet, hands, back & belly. Oh how glorious it was! I'd pay good money to have that done on a regular basis - I am so lucky to have such an amazing masseuse so readily accessible :) She's a saint for so willingly touching my big swollen pregnant feet}

{We have found a new favorite place to take our doggies & feed the ducks. Toby just cries & whines at them - I am not sure if it's because he wants to eat them or just play with them - lol. Our last trip there Toby actually started getting into the pond to try and get the ducks - I never thought I would willingly see him swim in water!

{Tyler & I went and saw "What to Expect When Expecting" it was hilarious & it's purchase worthy for sure!}

{and of course we had such a great day celebrating our father's on Father's Day. I was hoping I'd have our baby on this day (how cool would that have been?) - but I am happy I was able to celebrate & visit the Father's in my life.}

Even though this has been a great month, I have been so impatient so it has seemed to drag forever! Lucky for me, I've had the opportunity to work a few days a week with my Dad at his office. This has helped me not go crazy! It's been kind of interesting going back to an office job since I haven't had one for 3.5 years. But it's been a little refreshing & I enjoy spending extra time with my Dad.

Everyone cross your fingers and send labor vibes my way! Let's get this baby here already!!! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

We love June!

So far June has been a great month! We have celebrated some birthdays and celebrated the graduation of Tyler's little brother, Kalen, from Davis High School!

Way to go, Kalen! And to think all those lovely locks are gone now!

My Mom & I took a quick trip down to St.George this week just to visit. I was hesitant to go at first just because I am so close to my due date. I made sure to call the hospital there to make sure they were covered by my insurance - just in case! I wouldn't have been too disappointed if I had my baby girl there - it's where I was born!

My Mom & I were hoping to catch a show at Tuacahn while we were there, so we drove out to the Amphitheater to see about tickets - SOLD OUT :(
I snapped this pic while we were out at Tuacahn just because of all the memories it brought back for me. When I was younger I participated in the production, "Utah!" & I loved every minute of it.

We found time for some shopping for our baby, I just couldn't resist!
I am obsessed. And I LOVE baby girl shoes!

We got home just in time for my 37 week appointment (or possibly really 38). I am definitely dilated to a 1 & 50% effaced. After the ultrasound, the calculations came out to say she was weighing 7 lbs 10 oz already - but my doc said she was most likely about 7 lb 5 oz. (not much of a difference anyway - I may be having a chunky newborn!)

My doc also informed me of a new rule put into place at the hospitals stating that new mothers were not to be induced before 41 weeks - eek! If I go that far I will seriously have a 10 lb baby I am sure of it! ...not to mention that would put me at the 4th of July - & I just really would prefer not to have her on a holiday! He reassured me that he didn't believe I would be that late & that next week he is going to do everything he can to get things progressing :)
Growing like a weed - This may be the last belly photo I post!

To top yesterday off, my family all went to see Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband at the Sandy Amphitheater. It was to celebrate Alta View Hospital's 30th anniversary - and since my Mom works there we all got to go for free! It was such a great time!

Who knows, maybe the next time I post I will be holding my sweet baby girl in my arms :)