Monday, September 28, 2009


I came home from the gym this morning and walked into my office to find these beautiful flowers...
..And this cute note...
waiting for me on my desk. My husband is the greatest! :] I love cute surprises like this. He must have known I needed it BECAUSE....
I did HORRIBLE at my softball game tonight.
-Hit a line drive straight to short stop
-Missed a grounder that was hit right to me
-Made TWO bad throws
Better luck next week? Lets hope so.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

...August..flew by!

Well.. here I am again.. over a month since my last post trying to make an update on our busy lives. So here goes...
Been super busy still shooting mostly weddings, but also portraits & families.
Went to girls camp (as a leader now...) & had a blast! We camped in Star valley & got to go river rafting down the snake river, SO COOL! We also had some very spiritual experiences and had to exercise our faith when we got 2 out of 4 cars stuck in very deep mud!
Roxi had her puppies! Last night in fact! After about 5 hours of labor, she had 2 girls and 2 boys! All are healthy & cute as can be!
Here is the first boy and girl
Roxi cuddling with her first two! She is such a good mama!
Lily (Roxi's daughter, who is my Mom's dog) had her puppies too! She was actually due after Roxi but ended up having hers about 15 hours before Roxi, so all the puppies have the same birthday! The picture above is Lily's tiny tiny baby girl.. isn't she precious?
Lily is such a good mommy too! She had 2 girls and 2 boys as well!
I got glasses! Ok.. so I don't have to wear them unless I'm working on my computer or doing tedious upclose work.. but they have been helping with my headaches! Phew!

Other things that happened in August:
  • Nephew Porter got blessed
  • Mom turned 50
  • Family fun @ the bee's game
  • Shopping with my sisters at the gateway
  • I got to take Tim, Megan & Emerie's family photos
  • I was SUPPOSED to have my first slowpitch softball game last night (but Roxi went into labor an hour before my game)
Things to look forward to in September:
  • More softball
  • Seeing a couple of my friends I haven't seen in months
  • Going to Lagoon for the first time in FOREVER
  • Shooting my first wedding in Park City
  • Participating in the Buddy Walk with Porter and our family
  • Counting down the days til our cruise! 37 days until Florida, 40 days until the cruise!
  • Watching Roxi's puppies grow & change
Until next time... PEACE OUT!