Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Week

We had lots of birthdays to celebrate last month including my two older brothers, Tyler's mom & little brother Carson. Besides the fact that we are now broke from buying so many presents.. I'm pretty sure we are all 'caked' out. The week of Pioneer day we celebrated a total of 3 times, once for Tim on the 21st, once for Aaron on the 24th & then we celebrated on Sunday for the both of them where we opened gifts! It was extra nice to see everyone so much that week!
On the 21st we had ice cream cake and....
it turned our tongues BLUE

Emerie loved getting pictures taken of her and then looking at them.
Karli, Emerie, Me
Emerie discovered her new fav uncle Tyler game.. "horsey"
Emerie & her Mommy
I LOVE this picture.. HAHA
Tyler and I laughing hard at who knows what
We decided to go get shaved ice at a new location.. we won't be going back.

We went out to Aaron's house later on in the week to celebrate yet again.

Birthday Boy

Porter Ray
Probably the only picture us girls have with our big bro

On Sunday we celebrated one last time for both the boys. They opened presents..

Enjoyed each other's company...
And ate homemade red ribbon cake.. YUM
I think I've definitely had enough cake to last me quite a while! It was a fun week though, I wish we got to see each other that much all the time!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Idaho Trip!

Last month several family members made a trip up to Idaho Falls. The main reason was because Devanee was playing in a softball tournament but it was a nice getaway weekend. Sadly, Tyler wasn't able to come so I missed him mucho. Aaron, Meghann & Porter weren't able to make it either which was a big bummer.

Here are several pics documenting our fun weekend together.

We thought it was funny that this can said "Put your butts here" so of course Karli did the obvious :]
We went to Heisse hot springs and swam for a little while.

We went to Bear World & Emerie was super excited to be out of her carseat and seeing all the animals. She kept saying "Grr!"

Look really close.. there's a bear taking a bath!
Not the best pic.. but a bear actually came up to my parents in the car ahead of us and stood up on it. He then proceeded to slobber along the side of the car with his wet nose.
Emerie was scared of being so close to this bear statue. She thought it was real!
We made smashed pennies that had bears on them.
Look at the cute bear family.. and look at the baby bear! So cute

Chase, Karli, Devanee, Micah, Megan (& future baby), Tim, Madre, Emerie & Padre. (Sadly I am taking the picture.. haha)

The baby bears were the cutest!!

There was a petting zoo at Bear World. It was cool that these deer weren't afraid of humans at all.

The coolest fries I have ever seen.. BEAR SHAPED! :)
We made a stop at the Idaho Falls temple and visitor center on Sunday & saw all the amazing images that the hubble telescope took of space.. if you haven't seen them you should make a point to!
We also had the opportunity to visit the little town my mom lived in when she was born, Shelley. My aunt & uncle Randy & Ann were visiting her mom so we were able to stop by and visit for a little bit.

It was a great weekend and it seemed to fly by! It's always fun spending time with the fam!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Camping July 2010

I have been doing so much better at taking pictures over the past month or so I am so proud of myself.. now if only I could get myself to use my professional camera for my own adventures.. but these photos from my ghetto point and shoot will have to do for now!

We had the opportunity to go camping with the Gapinski's up by Bear Lake at the Sunrise camp grounds. We only stayed one night with them but we had lots of fun & were glad we were even able to end up going.. and hey I always love an excuse to wear no make up! :)
Tyler's family adopted one of Roxi & Toby's puppies last year and his name is Brian. Amy loves and adores him & takes him where ever she can.. even camping! He did such a good job with the outdoors & here he is being such a good boy taking a nap.
Tyler and his little brothers were enjoying making the biggest fires imaginable.
We went for a drive.. more like off roading in Jeff's truck and ended up seeing some great views. Makes me wish I would have had my better camera with me.

We went to Minnetonka caves & that was pretty cool to see. It was crazy how unbelievable dark it is in there.
We of course had to get raspberry shakes in Bear Lake.. SO yummy!
For a little while we went geocaching. Tyler & I had never done it before but his mom and little brothers do it all the time. This is the first one we found.

Bear Lake.. SO pretty