Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4th of July

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whitley's 1st Birthday Party & 12 month stats!

I was so worried I wouldn't get this party pulled together in time since we had been in our new house for about TWO weeks & I wanted everything unpacked, no boxes, no mess, and everything looking presentable for when Whitley's guests arrived for her party. Before we even moved in we painted 4 rooms, painted the kitchen cabinets, got new carpet, painted the window shutters & the front door, and replaced the bark mulch in the front yard - all this in less than two weeks to be ready for this party! {Talk about stress!}
I can't take all the credit though - we had lots of help! Whether it was actual labor helping us move in, paint, plan the party, decorate, babysit - it was all appreciated GREATLY! So a big thank you to most importantly our family!!

Now - onto the party & lots of party pics!

I made about 5 dozen of these cupcakes for the party - we had lots of leftovers so they went to the neighbors :)

 {cake table}

 {I decided to go the frugal route & make Whitley's cake on my own - I think it turned out just how I had in mind! No sense in spending $100 on one that she just demolished anyway, right?}

 {Out on the deck in the backyard where we ate dinner & had Whitley's cake smash}

 {one year of pictures}

 {we had lots of help with food & plenty of it - thanks everyone!}

 {Family photo: she would not smile to save my life}

 {Whitley with her cousin Maisy who is only 3 months younger - Also Uncle Tim & Aunt Megan who came from CA}

 {Aunt Devanee}

 {There's a smile! BIRTHDAY GIRL!}

 {Cousin Priya}

 {Aunt Meghann & Uncle Aaron}

 {Uncle Chase, Aunt Dev, Aunt Karli}

 {Cousin Ava}

 {Grandpa Jeff feeding Whitley one of her favorite foods: watermelon!}

 {Cousin Maisy}

 {Daddy on the grill}

 {Cousin Emerie}

 {opening a gift from some of her cousins}

 {It's cake time! Wish I had taken a video of how excited she was when everyone sang to her!}

 {Dive right in there why don't cha?}


 {The kids liked that idea...}

 {This is fun!}

 {Is this legal?}


 {Now she's spitting...}

 {...and she's done}

 {Cake:0 Whitley:1}

 {buttercream frosting = greasy baby even after a bath}

 {cupcake time!}

 {Whitley was spoiled rotten with so many gifts! Thank you everyone!}

Whitley's party was so much fun! We loved having everyone over & were overwhelmed with the love you all have for our little girl. We are so lucky to have such amazing family & friends.

At One year old Whitley:
-is still crawling on her hands and knees
-loves to stand up
-walks along the sofa
-walks with help
-climbs stairs like a pro
-is learning to go down stairs safely
-waves to say "hi" and "bye"
-says "hi" "no" "stop" "mama" "dada"
-loves to yell at her doggies when they are barking outside
-loves to swing in her tree swing in the backyard
-loves to swim
-still loves her "minky"
-sleeps 10-12 hrs straight at night
-loves to sing - especially to the abc's & patty cake
-loves peek-a-boo
-still tolerates her backward facing carseat
-will eat anything and everything but her favorites include: spaghetti, graham crackers, raisins, and watermelon
-throws tantrums and hits {we are so proud}
-can put the rings on her stacking toy
-loves to empty out bags {especially the diaper bag}
-is great at throwing the ball
-has a mullet, and I can finally put her hair in pig tails {I can't get myself to trim it}


Weight: 21 lbs 14 oz {64%}
Height: 30 in {79%}
Head: 47 cm {93%}