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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A California Thanksgiving

My parents decided for Christmas this year that they would pay for us all to spend Thanksgiving in California. We all drove to Newport Beach & stayed in my Uncle Rick's beach house. We stayed about 4 nights & then drove back. We had a blast spending time on the beach, riding bikes along the trail by the beach, going to Seaworld and to . I was about 6 months pregnant with our baby boy so I couldn't ride any of the rides but I enjoyed tagging along anyway. Whitley went on a few kid rides but you could tell she wasn't a fan! Most of the photos I took were all on the first day there. We spent most of that time at the beach. Whitley was in love with sand & the water which surprised me! When we had gone to Hawaii a year earlier, she was terrified of the water. We decided to go the easy route and have Thanksgiving dinner at a buffet - food for everyone & no clean up! We all took turns preparing breakfasts & played games together at night before bed. It was so much fun spending a few days together as a big family. We are growing so quickly that these types of trips are getting harder and harder.. pretty soon they may not happen anymore!