Monday, July 27, 2009

...July Fun!...

Tyler and I have had a busy fun month! We wish we would have taken pictures on every event, but we are slackers in that department. Hard to picture I know.. me being a photographer and all.. :] Anyway, this is what we've been up to this month! (in no particular order...)

Enjoyed my first time riding a ski lift.. we did the Alpine Slide up at Park City Mtn Resort...
The view from the ski lift...
Saw the biggest dogs ever at a dog&cat boutique in Park City... they are called newfoundlands & this picture does not do it justice at all. They were 280 lbs & the size of a small horse. We snuck this picture because the owner charges $5 for a picture!
Enjoyed spending time with our family to celebrate Aaron & Tim's birthdays...
Laughed hard watching them stuff a whole cupcake in their mouth...

Loved sitting out on the porch enjoying the weather with all the family...

Enjoyed watching Emerie try new things.. sipping from her daddy's cup while trying to figure out what I was doing out of he corner of her eye!

Tyler & I got charactures drawn of us at Park City Mtn Resort.. they don't look a thing like us.. agree??
Tyler and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary.
Here we are eating a slice of our year old wedding cake :]
Toby got a scary haircut... my dad loves it.
I got to watch my husband win his annual work basketball tournament held at the huntsman center!
I enjoyed the American Idol concert with my Mom, Aunt & cousin!
I have seen quite a bit of this little munchkin... I got to babysit her while her mommy went to physical therapy.
Other things we enjoyed this month:
  • seeing my best friend Laura & her baby Emma. We had not seen each other since November, they have been living in CA & they just barely moved to TX!
  • spending a weekend in East Canyon with Tyler's extended family. We went swimming, and four wheeling, made smores around a campfire, and enjoyed each other's company.
  • enjoyed having some time off from shooting weddings every week, even though I am still not caught up on editing.
  • loved going to the Oquirrh Mtn Temple open house with the Gapinski's! Even though Carson was really smelly :]
  • had a blast on the 4th of July going to the parade, having a BBQ & watching fireworks with the ones we love.
  • spending lots of nights watching Micah play (& my dad coach) baseball on his allstar team. They made it to the championship in the state tournament.
Things to look forward to in the next few weeks:
  • my Mom's birthday
  • Porter's baby blessing
  • a weekend in Idaho watching Dev play softball
  • a whole week at girls camp & coming straight home to shoot a wedding (not looking forward to being without Tyler though)
  • Roxi having puppies (cross your fingers.. yes we are 99% sure she is pregnant!)
  • Finishing my studio.. wood flooring goes in tomorrow!