Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nixon: 4 Months

Nixon's 4 month stats:
Weight: 16 lbs 4 oz {76%}
Height: 27 1/4" {98%}
Head: 43 1/2 cm {81%}

Nixon is just a big ray of sunshine. He smiles all day long & not to mention his smiles are BIG! In fact, I don't think they could get any bigger. He is getting stronger everyday & rolls from his back to his tummy but hasn't figured out how to make it back to his back  again. He doesn't love the car (carseat) as much as he used to but he still tolerates it which makes our lives a little easier while traveling. He has started to hold his own bottle & that's helpful for Mommy. He was diagnosed with a slight torticollis in his neck. We went to the physical therapist and she doesn't think it will take long to correct it. We love our little guy!

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